Sunday, November 27, 2011

a call to word

I lost my words
they got buried under case studies
under giddy heart, broken heart
Flushed away by strong Italian cocktails and charming Italian policemen
by the blue eyes and plenty of hump of a Briton
by the blue eyes and awkward grope of an Aussie
They are forgotten
among endless store work,
that makes 9-6 lasts like 60 minutes
Often taken by a wise old soul
whose heart belong to a girl who doesn’t even appreciate it
They got brushed away
defeated by the memory of a wet Brazilian kiss
by the sex on the beach that didn’t taste as good as the cocktail

I miss my words
They translated my tears
Laid out my hopeless heart
Etched my sorrow
They are whom I turn to
When I don’t want to talk
Don’t feel like thinking
Don’t know what to do

I love my words
Even when they’re just jumble of meaningless alphabets
Even when they’re not pronounced properly
Even when they’re in the form of my nephews’ undecipherable conversation

Come back words
Be mine once again