Tuesday, June 23, 2009

wishes list

Since I declare myself on a shopping diet in my facebook page yesterday, it triggers thoughts of stuff that I want but can't have/buy at the moment
so I thought I'll put it here quickly before I forget

1. Louis Vuitton limited edition Art, Fashion & Architecture book
Almost bought it in HK during the exhibition, but finally decided against it (one of the hardest decision I ever made in my life!) because I have to buy it together with the other set of 3 limited edition books which will add about 5 kg to my already over-filled over-weight luggage.
2. Christian Louboutin architek shoes
With the famous red undersole signature, sold suspiciously 'cheap' on louboutinsale.com
3. A man, preferably French-born Chinese
as if I can buy this in a store, n I'm obviously very sleepy for putting this one up in my list

bonne nuit!