Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Journey of the job hunter - Part 4

A friend just made a comment on my wall in facebook, "Someone like you need to rehearse for interview?"
Well, certain event in life can help you find out the hidden truth about yourself, n in this case, yes, I do need to rehearse badly, thank you very much!
I'm at an all-time low self-esteem level, thx to this ever-stressing period of economic turmoil and bleak prospect of employment, that nurture the pimples bacteria to grow happily.
The tally so far: 31 application sent out, 3 badly conducted phone interview, 1 very good interview, only with a recruitment agency, 1 promising recruitment agency that went AWOL, 1 no-connection-felt interview, 6 follow-up calls made without any returned call, and finally, zero job offer.

Never thought I'm this bad =(
I know this is supposed to be a wake-up call n I just need to try again n again...
but I can't help but to admit that I've been feeling on cloud nine all this time working in Jkt, and now I'm smash back to earth and every little bit of rejection, or just the hunch of rejection coming, already disheartened me deeper n deeper.

But I refuse to give up... I'm not suppose to be like this... wake up...WAKE UP!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

cuma coretan

wajah sedikit rupawan
aura banyak menawan
satu kata: ganteng, jek
walau gak sixpek

mengisi mimpi ga bersih
perempuan bukan perawan

blum penuh isi kepala
hanya cukupan untuk judi bola
tapi tangan sudah terampil
buat megang kuas hingga pentil

tok, tok, tok, masih ada rasa gak di sana?
ato cuma tersisa bulir pemanis buatan?

botol bir bersumpah saksi
saat jalinan kimia mulai bereaksi
kanvas recycle berubah prasasti
akankah ini harus berhenti?

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

veritas inlustrat

it doesn't really mean anything to me at the moment, but i just thought that anything latin sounds interesting, n it would usually have some important thinker's deep meaning, in this case "truth enlightens".
it's written in one of Marc Jacobs' designed bracelet.

another thing that's interesting from this favourite designer of mine (not that I own any of his design, still too expensive for an unemployed like me, I only have his Blush perfume, which i sooo love the smell) is a gold-coloured necklace, with a plate with some unmeaningful markings on it, which if spinned, these markings will form the statement 'I love you'. How cool is that!

I can just imagine the face of the lucky girl who got this from her loved one *sirikkkk*