Thursday, October 27, 2005


One of those days that you called 'once in a blue moon', especially in city like this one, big-capital-urban-metropolitan.
Two days ago, after two days of heavy rain, those drops of water apparently cleared up the polution that usually hangs over this city of sinners.
Then we got presented with the bluest sky that hadn't happened in the longest time!
From the 26th floor in the central district, you can see all the way to the sea in the north part, even a little bit of a far-away island!
Can't believe, it was such a heavenly sight =)
plus, I just got my new handphone, my first with a camera! (motorola razr in silky black ;) nice eh.....)
so, I took my first few pics with it of the city skyline.
God, thx for that. amen.