Thursday, September 29, 2005


that is what you call these girls
with necklaces made of pearls
always look pretty
act cutey
only prominent with their braces
but with brain nowhere near aces
made no sense to them
'coz great work need time' they reason
'well, that's all bullshit' i reckon
since so far, you have seen none
have no sympathy nor pity
it all rooted in their stupidity

Friday, September 09, 2005

notice that you usually write journal when you're down or bored?
this is one of those days...

and i guess its kinda written all over my face that the bosses are starting to get really concern...
and so I was promised that in 2 weeks time I would be assigned to a more challenging account...
oh well, in a way it's good, it is something that I've been wanting to ask... but i can't be too excited as well, it remains to be seen whether what's coming is really interesting..

but on the other hand, i don't really mind doing what i'm doing right now... my biggest concern is actually i want to move up and add my TVC experience and get more money =D...

anyway, after 2 weddings 2 days in a row, i kinda fed up thinking about love, relationship 'n men..
my biggest love affair now is Harry Potter 'n the Half-blood Prince =D
if you think that's pathetic.... try this....
asking an ex whether he thought you look beautiful at your best friend's wedding where you're one of the bridesmaid and already had a handful of people who complimented your look...
now that's just beyond shameful, looking for a resort of self-justification...

gee...think i need to get laid...